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Owner: Rick Drake
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Production Services - Production Coordination

San Diego Productions Inc has 18 years of experience producing fashion and advertising photo shoots. We know time is important when it comes to production. We have the connections and the tools to make your production run smoothly. By having a local producer on your shoot you get someone that has extensive knowledge of the area, has a digital library of locations at their fingertips, knows who to contact to get the permits you need quickly and you save on travel expenses!

Your San Diego Productions producer will also be driving one of our production vans (a customized mobile production office). This too saves on costs and has many uses during your production. It offers comfortable transportation for 6 and can carry extra equipment and props to and from your location. It is equipped with all the little extras that could come in handy and save countless hours on your production! A copier, 1000 watt power inverter, office supplies, Ice chest, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, over the counter medicines, batteries, tool kit, etc, etc. and it is also stocked with photo gear such as a c stand, apple box, camera flags and reflectors just in case there is a need. Having a San Diego Productions producer on your shoot can save valuable time and money which is essential in a successful production. San Diego Productions inc. sets the standards on production coordination!