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Owner: Rick Drake
Phone: (858) 277-2335
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Production Services - Model/Talent

San Diego Productions Inc. maintains an ongoing library of talent of all ages. We hold castings throughout the year for the unusual, the talented and avid sports players. We have relationships with all local agencies and can provide professional model and talent castings. We can find your exact needs through local agencies, our library or even do a street casting for you. We will photograph and or video tape your casting and post to our website the same day for viewing and selection. We have a large email list of local talent that gets notified for every casting we do so we insure a great turnout.

Need a biker gang or a group of beautiful girls to appear or even serve cocktails at your corporate event? We have it! Need a professional golfer, runner, tennis or basketball player for your photo shoot? We have it! Need music or entertainment for your next event? We can arrange that too! Please have a look through our talent library. You never know what or who you will find!

If you are talent and would like to be notified for future castings please contact us by email only.